The easiest way to move your data into your new Galaxy S8!

A quick way to move data from a previous phone to your new Galaxy S8!

Galaxy S8 finally has been released! Yay! I bet many have been waiting for the moment to come. Some people have already bought Galaxy S8 and I felt really jealous because of the new infinity screen that looks classy and polished. It is certainly a thing to have!

However, there is always a hardship that bothers us from cruising with our new phone and that’s moving data from the previous phone. Very bothersome, isn’t it? But! Would you believe if there is a service that could transfer every data at once to any device from anywhere?

Personally, as you probably have guessed at this moment, I use Send Anywhere to move my personal image, contact, video and etc. from the old phone I have to my new phone. I mean all you need to do is select data you want to move in your old phone and get a 6-digit key and just input the key on the new phone! And you are all set! How easy does it sound?

As some of the Galaxy users already know, Send Anywhere is integrated with Galaxy ‘Link Sharing’ feature. So, please remember you can enjoy Send Anywhere via Galaxy’s Link Sharing as well. You can transfer a maximum of 2GB a day and 1GB at once using Galaxy’s Link Sharing and this is how Send Anywhere and Samsung Galaxy partnership goes.

1.Select files you want to transfer and hit [Share] button, then you will see [Link Sharing] in the middle. Hit [Link Sharing].


2.Hit [Create Code] button.


3. A code will be created.


4. After checking the code has been created, Input the code in Send Anywhere!

But again, if you want to move data in your old phone without any limit, just use Send Anywhere application. It will solve your problem without borrowing other’s hands.

Try Send Anywhere now and experience something you haven’t before!