Spyware and Send Anywhere

Clearing the Airways: Spyware Concerns with Send Anywhere

There are a lot of misconceptions floating around about Send Anywhere and its security deriving from concerns over spyware due to a misunderstood connection between file sharing/peer-to-peer transfers and spyware. This blog post will announce a recent security accolade we’ve received from Software.informer while clearing up these issues as well as certain issues with anti-virus software.

Send Anywhere Receives a “100% Clean Award” from Software.informer

Software.informer recently reviewed Send Anywhere and gave it a “100% Clean Award.” What this means is that Send Anywhere has been vetted and proven to be spyware free, virus free, and adware free.

Software Informer Virus Free award

Spyware, Anti-Virus Software, Send Anywhere

We receive a fair amount of emails asking about the security aspect of using a software that leverages a peer-to-peer transfer path. These concerns derive from file sharing in the early 2000s (see our blog post here) where people would be downloading files from anonymous, untrustworthy sources. In these instances, there was a high risk of being infected by spyware or a similar type of virus due to the shady nature of the file transfer. With Send Anywhere, there is zero risk of this occurring as the sender and receiver know each other thereby eliminating the risk on an unknown/untrustworthy party infecting your device.

Another problem that some of our users are having is when they attempt to install our Desktop Application their anti-virus software, typically Avira or Norton, alerts them that our software may be infected with a virus. We have had a few conversations with both anti-virus companies and this is an issue they occasionally have with programs that are 100% safe. The term is known as a false-positive and is something that can be disregarded.

So, in conclusion, Send Anywhere is 100% safe and we have the award to prove it 🙂