Pi Music Player Opens a New Paradigm with Send Anywhere!

Now Don’t Spend Time On Waiting For Every Music To Sync

We are glad to announce that Pi Music Player has integrated Send Anywhere API to provide its users a more convenient way to move music from another device. Pi Music Player is one of the leading music players in Android that has 5+ million downloads and 4.7 rating. It has very simple, intuitive UI/UX that enables a user to easily manipulate and navigate.

Sync Music From Anywhere at Anytime Between Any Devices!

Not only Pi Music Player users don’t need to connect USB cable, External drive or insert SD card to a computer from now on, they also don’t need any considerations to use Cloud or Email as alternatives anymore as Cloud and Email first upload context on a server then let you download. It’s just too slow. However, with Send Anywhere, Pi Music Player users can now sync music from anywhere at any time between any devices

Here’s how it works!

Select any music you want to transfer to Pi Music Player from mobile or PC via Send Anywhere.

Click Import icon on the main screen.

Input 6 digit key number in the receiving prompt to begin transporting music! You can listen to music as it is downloading. No need of waiting until every music is transferred!

Share Your Favorite Music with Others Instantly!

There is another reason why Send Anywhere API integration is a big hit apart from being able to sync music in any place at any time between any devices. Due to the integration, Pi Music Player users are now able to share their favorite music from Pi Music Player to anyone instantly!

Check out how it’s done.

Click Option bar of any category (album, artist, playlist, genre or just a music) that you want to share and click Share.

Pi Power Share will appear as your first choice no matter what. Click Pi Power Share.

Boom! If a person/device you want to transfer music is beside, input 6 digit key in the receiving prompt to share. Or press Share Key to share 6 digit key/share link together via whatever platform you want!

As the age of smartphone overwhelmed, music players have been looking for a way to separate themselves from old Mp3 Players like iPod or whatnot. Because users had to undergo the same process when trying to move music from PCs! Thus, few music players have tried to create their own sync feature, but none of them succeeded enough to spread their name or feature in the field. However, with Send Anywhere, now users can sync music conveniently without any physical connection. And it also opened a new paradigm which users can share music between mobile to mobile as well! This is something new that no other music players have been able to do.

So! What you waiting for? Download Pi Music Player right now and experience how convenient it is.

PS: Download Send Anywhere and test out today!

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