Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Holiday With Send Anywhere!

Enjoy This Holiday Season With Send Anywhere!


The holidays are quickly approaching which means good food and plenty of family time. In honor of this, here are five ways in which you can use Send Anywhere to improve your holiday season!

1. Sharing the previous year’s adventures with your family


The holidays are the time where you get to see everyone and catch them up on what has happened in your life recently. Why rely on just telling them what has happened when you can share all your experiences firsthand!

With Send Anywhere, you’ll be able to share all your photos and videos instantly with your family and friends regardless of their device.

2. Sharing photos and videos from your holiday gatherings 


With the turn of the New Year comes the annual problem of how to share all the photos and videos that you’ve taken over the previous few weeks. With Facebook, you have to be friends with everyone and some people may not want their photos shared publicly. As for email, that can be burden as you must track down everyone’s email address.

Why not use Send Anywhere? No one has to have it installed and you can share files via any messenger or social media platform.

3. Get the right holiday music


One of the most sacred responsibilities at any holiday gathering is who will be in charge of the holiday playlist. The proper music can make or break a party so it is important you have ready access to a variety of playlists. Streaming music applications work well except that they are not univerally available and may not have the song that you want.

Enter Send Anywhere, the easy way to transfer your audio files between devices to make sure you have all the necessary tunes to rock the party.

4. Challenging others to beat your high score 


Let’s face it, there’s a lot of downtime during the holidays and you can only spend so much time catching everyone up on your life. You are going to need some distractions. What’s a better distraction that challenging your family and friends to beat your high score on the newest Android game?

With Send Anywhere, you can quickly share the game with them so there’s no excuse for them not to try and challenge you (and lose 🙂 ).

5. Conversation Starter

Holiday Season

Between avoiding politics, religion, and your Aunt’s terrible haircut, the holidays are a minefield of forbidden topics. Why not start with something everyone can agree on—the perfection that is Send Anywhere! You can discuss the highly functional Android product, its partner-in-crime iOS, and the multi-purpose API!


PS: Don’t forget to test out our API and download our smartphone application today!

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