Send Anywhere: Chrome Extension of the Year

Send Anywhere Selected as a Chrome Extension of the Year!

This week it was announced that Send Anywhere has been selected as one of the Best of 2016: Chrome Extensions! There is no better way to end the year than with accolades proving that your hard work is making a difference in people’s lives. In case you don’t have our Chrome Extension just yet, you can download it here and read more about it below.

Chrome Extension

With the Send Anywhere Chrome Extension, you are able to share files up to 10GB in size over Slack (previously 1GB limit) and Gmail (previously 25MB limit).

Chrome Extension Chrome Extension

Much like with our smartphone application, with this extension you can upload any file type. All you need to do is click the Send Anywhere icon in the top right corner of your Chrome Browser, upload the files that you wish to share, copy the Link Share URL, and share it with the receiving party. This link lasts for seven days and anyone with the link can download the material innumerous times during that time period. After seven days, the files are removed off of the Send Anywhere server.

But wait…there’s more! With this Chrome Extension, you are able to share any PDF you are reading instantly. All you need to do is click the red Send Anywhere button that automatically appears while you are reading the PDF. This will generate the Link Share URL that you can share with all receiving parties.

Chrome Extension

So that’s it! What are you waiting for, download today!


PS: Don’t forget to test out our API and download our smartphone application today!

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