+ Send Anywhere Partnership

Now Transfer Files via Sound!

Send Anywhere is proud to announce a partnership with, a Korean startup that “provides IoT manufactures & app developers with the most reliable data-over-audio technology for pairing devices instantly.” With this partnership, Send Anywhere can now pair devices via sounds that only Android phones can pick up (sorry iOS users!).

This is what the Sending (right) and Receiving (left) Device look like when they are attempting to connect using this feature. Let’s figure out together how we get here and how to properly use this feature! and Send Anywhere

On the Sending Device, once you have selected the files that you wish to send, you are brought to the transfer screen (below). From here, just click the sound wave icon in the upper-right hand corner (circled in blue).



On the Receiving Device, from the receive screen just click the sound wave icon in the top right hand corner (circled in blue).

Once both devices are searching, make sure they are within an estimated 13ft/4m of each other for this to work. Additionally, both devices must be running a Send Anywhere that supports this feature.

What are you waiting for? Download the newest version of Send Anywhere for Android below to see this feature in action!  

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