Simplistic File Management

Importance of File Management

File management applications are extremely popular amongst Android users accruing nearly a billion downloads in the Google Play Store. What these applications do is allow you to see exactly what is on your device and have complete, seamless management over it. This includes moving, copying, and deleting files, applications, etc.

However, there is a problem with all of this.

None of these apps offer real-time management. You are only able to act once files have been received and placed on your device. But why wouldn’t you want active management where you are able to manage your files the second you receive them?

Send Anywhere Offering

Send Anywhere offers just this. Proactive file management that allows the copying, moving, and deletion of files received in Send Anywhere without having to leave the application.  Taking the power and functionality of a file manager and placing it within Send Anywhere’s world class file transfer application.

File Management, now on Send Anywhere 4.0 for Android! Try it out now, download here!