Introducing Send Anywhere 4.0

If you are reading this and have an Android device, then you should go here and download the newest version of Send Anywhere, Send Anywhere 4.0. Here is a list of what’s new with the product.

Wi-Fi Direct


Now, Send Anywhere allows you to send files between Android devices without using the Internet or data. As long as the devices are nearby one another, all that is required to start the transfer is a 4-digit key or QR Code.

New Design for a New Product


The product’s UI has been completely redesigned to give you, the end-user, a much more intuitive, inspiring experience. Don’t believe us? Go check it out for yourself!

Preview & Select

Get a full screen preview of all the files you are sending so you know exactly what you’re sending before you send it.

File Manager


With this feature, you can copy, move, and even delete files received in Send Anywhere without having to leave the application. Take the power and functionality of a file manager and place it within Send Anywhere’s world class file transfer application.

Tightening Up Some Loose Screws

Nothing sexy here, just making a better overall experience for our end-users.


So what are you waiting for? Download now and test it out for yourself.