4 Things Learned at Tech in Asia: Tokyo

Things have been pretty quiet on the blog front as of late as Send Anywhere traveled to Tokyo for Tech in Asia: Tokyo and followed that with a weeklong celebration of Chuseok (mid-Autumn festival). To ease back into the blogging sphere, here are five things we learned at TIA: Tokyo!

  1. Every venture capital firm has a different idea of who to invest in: It was great learning about how each VC firm differs in nearly every aspect of what they look for when they want to invest in a company. From type of technology to type of team, everything is totally a case-by-case basis.
  2. Translation services are BIG: What was very interesting in meeting the Japanese startups is just how many are geared towards some form of translation.
  3. The Asian startup community is strong as ever: It was amazing meeting teams from all over Southeast as well as Northeast Asia who are pushing the envelope on technological innovation.
  4. Earthquakes are interesting: An earthquake occurred while we were out to lunch one day. It was strange to see everyone going about their day like nothing was happening because they’re so common in Japan.