Professional Photo Editing Software – UC #15

Needs of Professional Photo Editing Software

If you are serious about perfecting your photographs, be it for personal or business use, chances are you leverage a photo editing software such as Photoshop or Sketch. While these are excellent means to edit all your photographs, there are a few things that they are missing which might be of importance to you.

Import Feature:  The photo(s) that you wish to edit may not always be on your laptop. They could be on your smartphone, in the Cloud, on a zip drive, etc. Having to email these to yourself or log onto your Cloud account to download them seems rather tedious and slow.

Export Feature: After creating your masterpiece, you probably want to do more than just save it on your computer. Why wouldn’t you want to share it with friends and family? What’s the point of improving a photo if you are not sharing it with the world?

Speed: As you create more and more amazing pieces of photography, the file size of these increases substantially. Sending all of them at once via Email or the Cloud can prove slow and unnerving.

Photo Editing Case Study

Send Anywhere to the Rescue!

With the implementation of the Send Anywhere API,  all three of these issues can be solved in an instant.

Import Feature: By merely entering a six-digit code, you can bring in material from every smartphone and desktop platform on top of files located in the Cloud, a zip drive, or even your local area network (LAN). All your files are closer than ever when you use Send Anywhere.

Export Feature: Once you’ve completed editing your photos, you can easily export one or many of them to multiple devices via Send Anywhere. Send any file type, of any size or resolution, without having to worry about image resolution degradation.

Speed: When it comes to speed and sending those large photo files, Send Anywhere can send them up to 40x the rate of the competition with 40% fewer clicks required to complete the transfer.

Who wouldn’t want that?!?

So what are you waiting for, now is the time to download our application across all your devices and test out the power of our API!