Our Top Five Favorite Customers!

Who Could Our Favorite Customers Be?

After much thought and deliberation, we’ve created a list detailing our top five favorite type of customer! Did you make the list? Check out below to find out now!

  1. The Photo Addict

Favorite Customer Photo

We see you, taking all those photos. What better way to share them between your devices and with friends than with Send Anywhere?


2. Budding Video Maker

Favorite Customer Photo

When shooting your movie on various devices, don’t forget to use Send Anywhere to send all your files to one device for editing.

3. Mr and Mrs. Multiple Devices 

Favorite Customer Photo

There’s no better way to sync across all your devices than Send Anywhere!


4. Group Historian 

Favorite Customer Photo

Are you tasked (or do you volunteer) to take all the photos and videos during your time out with your friends? If so, Send Anywhere is the way to go when sharing files with them.

5. …and of course, you! 

Favorite Customer Photo

How are you using Send Anywhere? Let us know by commenting below or emailing us!