User Needs 101

Understanding User Needs

At Send Anywhere, the most important thing to us, what gets us up in the morning despite the scorching Seoul summer heat, is you….the end-user. How are you using our application? Is it answering all your problems? Is there anything we can do better?

Summer User Needs

No Time For Summer Fun When We’ve Got Users to Take Care Of 

Well, we’ve done our spring cleaning and have a fresh canvas for the next step in the Send Anywhere evolution…the mysterious Send Anywhere 4.0. When will it be released? What will it contain? Well, for now, the answer to the first question will remain a closely guarded mystery :). However, as for the second question, we are going to leave a part of the answer to you.

….so what do you want to see?

Now is the time so share your visions of how you would improve Send Anywhere with us. The crazier the ideas, the better! Just send us a Facebook message, a tweet, or email us with your ideas.


The User Needs Kitten Mittens

We’re Looking For the Best Idea Since Kitten Mittens

Also, did you know Send Anywhere works on more than your cellphone? That’s right, we work across all major smartphone and desktop platforms as well as having extensions across Gmail, Chrome, and Outlook. You can check out all of our offerings here as well as test out the power of our API!