Just How Fast is Send Anywhere?

In Short, Send Anywhere is Very Fast and Very Simple!

Fast Send Anywhere!

We ran speed tests across fourteen of our competitors and measured how long (i.e. how many clicks) it took to complete the file transfer and we discovered some interesting data points that we wanted to share with you.

Note: We tested out three different file sizes: 20MB (80 Photos), 235 MB (695 Photos), and 368 MB (1000 Photos). Additionally, these tests were performed with both devices on the same network.

The Least Amount of Clicks with Send Anywhere

With Send Anywhere, you can complete a full file transfer (from file selection to file transfer completion) with just four clicks. Amongst our competitors, these number fluctuated but tended to average around six or seven clicks which means Send Anywhere requires 34-40% fewer clicks than the average competitor. When you are sending multiple file transfers per day, these few extra clicks begin to add up and slow down the file transfer process.

So Back To These Speed Claims

What first must be stated is that we were unable to run seven competitors through the entire testing process because they were limited in what device they worked with (either due to non-operability or requiring paying for an upgrade to their Pro version). On top of this, four competitors were unable to complete all tests because of file size restrictions (25 MB) without paying for a Pro version.

Taking this into consideration, here is how Send Anywhere stacked up with Test A (20MB), Test B (235MB), and Test C (368MB).

Test A:

Send Anywhere: 8.6 seconds
Average: 2 minutes 4 seconds

That’s over 14 times faster on average!

Test B:

Send Anywhere: 4 minutes 26 seconds
Average: 17 minutes 18 seconds

That’s nearly 4 times faster on average!

Test C:

Send Anywhere: 6 minutes and 22 seconds
Average: 22 minutes and 33 seconds

That’s 3.5 times faster on average! Additionally, of the fourteen products tested, only five could handle this file size.

Combining all three tests together, you get a product that is nearly 4 times faster on average! 

Concluding Remarks

What you get with Send Anywhere is a product that is, not just, measurably quicker than the competition but also much simpler to use from start to finish.

So what are you waiting for, now is the time to download our application across all your devices and test out the power of our API!