File Management Apps– UC #13

File Management and File Sharing Meet

Send Anywhere is the go-to-choice when it comes to file sharing across any device, with any file type, regardless of size. In a similar vein, if you want to seamlessly manage all the files on your Android device, file management applications are the way to go. Just look at all the highly-rated choices you have in the Google Play Store!

If you download and use these applications you will see that they grant you a highly organized view of what is inside your device but lack an easy way to share this data (photos, videos, contacts, etc.) to other devices. Most of them offer some combination of Cloud storage, same network sharing, or PC linkage but lack a way to share to devices anywhere in the world. If all of your files are perfectly organized, this would be the ideal opportunity to share them with others, wouldn’t it? You could see exactly what is on your device and what you may want to share.

This sounds like the perfect opportunity to use Send Anywhere!

File Management Organized

From Your Directory to the World

The simple placement of the Send Anywhere API within a file management application will greatly benefit any user of these apps as the user now, not only, has all of the phone’s data neatly organized but will also be able to share all data, in real time, with anyone in the world, on any device. There is no longer a need to be on the same server or to force someone to log onto their Cloud account. All that is needed is the six-digit encryption that links devices for the transfer or the easy-to-share download URL.

So what are you waiting for, now is the time to download our application across all your devices and test out the power of our API!