50 Ways to Use Send Anywhere

The Versatility Send Anywhere

The title of this post says it all. Without further ado here are 50 ways to use Send Anywhere!

  1. Sending photos from your smartphone to your desktop
  2. Sending photos to all of your friends after your fun vacation with them
  3. Sending videos from your phone to your desktop for storage or future editing
  4. Sending APK files to friends to try out applications that you love
  5. Transferring APK files in-between developers
  6. Use the 48-hour feature for a flash download of your application or product
  7. On royalty websites, to allow you to transfer the photos/videos/audio files you’ve purchased without having to download them
  8. Sending your friends new songs or movies that you’ve purchased
  9. Sending files to your Samsung printer without having to install the printer on your device
  10. Transfer all your multimedia files onto one device before you travel
  11. Offload files automatically from your smartphone to your desktop
  12. To get around file limitations on Gmail or Outlook
  13. To send files more efficiently in your work chat application
  14. To export files via X-plore File Manager
  15. Sharing contacts on your phone
  16. Transferring large design files such as Photoshop
  17. Backing up your old phone to transfer to your new one
  18. Sending files from your proprietary device to iOS or Android
  19. Sharing your presentation with your colleagues or classmates
  20. In the field research
  21. On your eCommerce website
  22. For quick promotions or giveaways
  23. On a lawyer/client platform to provide a more efficient way to send documents to lawyers
  24. Boost usability of a personal website
  25. Send files to clients via an application without contacting/storing anything on the application’s server
  26. Transferring of bus ticketing information
  27. Securely exchanging large binary files
  28. For members of a police department who want a quick and easy way to transfer work from the squad car to the station
  29. Musicians sending music files out for promotional purposes
  30. Organizer of an association that wants to send various files, photographs, etc. to his/her members
  31. Transferring large photo files from the web to other devices
  32. Construction company that needs to share measurements and photos of work sites
  33. Combine items from various devices on one device (i.e. videos for a movie)
  34. After combining items, exporting them to a new device
  35. Notepad applications
  36. Photo editing applications
  37. Document scanning applications
  38. Apps sending files across multi-platforms and/or file types
  39. Companies that have a hybrid environment that need quick P2P transfers as well as fast global transfers
  40. Artistic applications that involve heavy file usage
  41. Design studios
  42. People who don’t want to have to download files and instead just send them once they are ready (e.g. video editing applications and other apps or websites that have large files)
  43. Internet of Things
  44. Radiology Labs
  45. Large companies using Outlook/Gmail
  46. When you want to share files as quickly as possible
  47. When you want simplicity in your file sharing
  48. When you want to send files without any type of restriction
  49. Because the powerful API opens your application to a new world while supercharging it
  50. Because I created this list

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