4 Year Celebration!

It’s a Celebration! 10 Crazy Facts about Send Anywhere’s Existence!


That’s right, on this day four years ago, Send Anywhere came into creation. In honor of this, we’ve decided to give you ten fun facts about how long Send Anywhere has been around!

  1. Send Anywhere has been around for four years (not including leap years) = 1460 days = 35040 hours = 2,102,400 minutes = 126,144,000 seconds
  2. You could have walked around the Earth over 4 times from the time Send Anywhere was founded until now
  3. You could have walked about halfway to the Moon
  4. You could have watched every Shakespeare play nearly 303 times all the way through
  5. You could have sent over 400 million files through Send Anywhere! (But only 35 million through our competitors)
  6. Like Football? You could have watched Bayern Munich play 22,606 matches (each with 3 minutes of stoppage time)!
  7. You could have taken a week long vacation to every country in the world (and then some!)
  8. You could have crawled 84,096 miles or back and forth from the northern part of Africa to the southern part 5 times
  9. You could have become an expert in three and half topics
  10. You could have planted 37,086,345 trees

Happy four years! Here’s to another great four!