Introducing Send Anywhere for Gmail!

Gmail Celebration

Leverage Send Anywhere as a Gmail Plugin

Today Send Anywhere is pleased to announce that it now works copacetically with Gmail — the world’s most popular email tool. You can now leverage limitless file sharing alongside Gmail’s name brand reliability. Download it today through our Chrome Extension.

Benefits of Send Anywhere

With Gmail, the end user is limited to 25MB in attachments before being forced to use Google Drive. Send Anywhere allows you to bypass this by directly sending attachments to the receiver. Users still have the option of using Google Drive; however, Send Anywhere is always free unlike Google Drive which charges a monthly fee after you have surpassed 15GB in storage. With Send Anywhere, you can send up to 10GB across one transmission.

Another feature of the Send Anywhere Plugin is that, unlike Google Drive, the end user is able to send the email while the file(s) are still being uploaded. There is no longer a need to waste precious minutes waiting your files to be uploaded.

Quick Peak

The Gmail Plugin is available via the Send Anywhere Chrome Extension. You will know if you have this extension if you see the Send Anywhere icon on your Chrome browser as shown below.



When you open Gmail and go to compose an email, the Send Anywhere plugin will appear as shown below (outlined in red).


Clicking the icon will open the following window where you can track files that you have previously sent as well as attach files to your current email via an easy-to-share URL which is automatically added to the email once the files are selected. These files will be available for download to all parties with the link for seven days after which period the link is null and void.

Gmail Plugin

So, the question is, what are you waiting for? Download this amazing plugin today and get to sending files!