Workplace Messenger Apps - Send Anywhere Use Case #11

Send Anywhere + Workplace Messenger App = Perfection

We’re back! On this cold (10 Degrees Fahrenheit) Tuesday in Seoul, we wanted to warm you up with a little use case about leveraging the Send Anywhere API for a company-wide messenger application.

Cold workplace messenger

Circumvent File Size and Format Restrictions

The current evolution of business-centric messenger applications such as Slack, Mattermost, and Jandi offer innumerous features that simplify every work day. That being said, an issue that many users of these applications run into is that some of them have a limitation on file upload sizes as well as accepted file formats. This can prove quite troublesome if your day-to-day involves sending sizable files or various file types. Additionally, you will not be able to send larger file batches instead having to opt to send one batch at a time which is a waste of valuable time.

The Send Anywhere Fix

Enter the Send Anywhere API to help placate these issues. With Send Anywhere, you will have zero file size restrictions so you can send as large of a file as well as many files as you want…all for free…via an application that seamlessly fits inside your messenger application. Furthermore, with no file format restrictions, you never have to risk being told you cannot send something because it isn’t supported. So, what are you waiting for? Start testing out our API for free today by visiting our website.