Monday Morning Journal, February 1st, 2016

Morning Journal: Introduction

To brighten everyone’s Monday, we decided to start a weekly blog post on Monday that will contain some interesting facts or tidbits of news that we think you may find interesting or entertaining to help begin your work week. Today, we’re going to tell you five things about Send Anywhere that you may have not known before.

monday morning

5 Interesting Tidbits About Send Anywhere

  1. Despite being a team of seventeen all located in Seoul, there are three languages spoken in our office daily: Korean, English, and Japanese. Furthermore, many of our team members are bilingual with even one being trilingual.
  2. Once a month, we get the entire team together to go watch a movie and have a team lunch. Getting out of the office is key for creativity and building a cohesive team that bonds well.
  3. In the span of two years, we grown 325% in employee size while only having two people leave in the entire three year history of the company. We credit this to the viability of the product as well as the unique environment that promotes innovation and a family-like culture.
  4. We like to have fun. On top of the aforementioned movie day, two different teams get together each month for a night filled with food, drink, and karaoke. Additionally, a few times a year, we go on a company retreat to discuss strategy and bond. The picture below was taken at our retreat Summer 2014.
  5. We’re hiring: Don’t see the right job for you? Just send an email to with your resume and why you’re interested in Send Anywhere and we will see if we can find a fit for you.

2014 MT


As always, try out our API to harness the power of Send Anywhere within your own application.