Sharing with Friends and Family-Send Anywhere UC #9

Quickly Send Group Photos to Friends and Family

Have you ever taken a group photo with 5? 10? 15? people and then have to go through the arduous process of finding them all on Facebook (given you’re already friends and that they have Facebook–two major assumptions) and tagging them in it? Or how about having everyone opt for you to email the photo(s) to them which presents another major headache for you. Don’t worry, we have all been there and we have the solution to this annoying problem. In entry nine of Send Anywhere Use Cases, we will look at leveraging the simplicity and 24-hour upload ability to Send Anywhere for rapid photo sharing amongst friends. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to/have time to read this entire blog, I’ll just to the chase. Download Send Anywhere and our API today to truly reinvent the way you share your photos.

friends for Send Anywhere

Multiple Receiving Devices? 24-Hour Upload is Here!

The next time you get stuck with the having to take the group photo and then share it with everyone in the group, look no further than Send Anywhere and its efficient 24-hour upload capability. All that you need to do is select all the photo(s) (and even videos too!) that you wish to share with the group within the Send Anywhere application and upload them for 24-hours. This generates a 6-digit encryption key that you can share with the group either verbally or via a variety of built-in methods such as text messaging, messaging applications, email, etc. Anyone with this key can download the material as many times as they wish within a 24-hour period–after which time, the files are permanently removed from Send Anywhere’s servers.

As always, try out our API to harness the power of Send Anywhere within your own application.