Sharing Android Apps-Send Anywhere UC #5

Easily Share the Newest Android Game with Everyone!

So far in our Send Anywhere UC Series we have discussed a variety of topics ranging from  old device to new device transfer, everyday transfers, entertainment for travel, and a little API magic. Another great example of the Send Anywhere product in use is the transferring of Android applications between devices. How often have you been talking with a friend about a new game/productivity app/etc. that you discovered and are begging them to download only to have them forget later on (and have this happen multiple times!)? Well, with the Send Anywhere app, you can transfer the application’s APK file immediately to your friend so s/he no longer can forget to download it later on. So why wait? Get it now!


Android APK

Works Well for Programmers Too!

Happen to be a programmer who wants to be able to quickly share the application you are working on across your team or share you finished product with friends and family? With the Send Anywhere 24-hr feature, you can upload your APK for 24-hours where it can be downloaded innumerous times by anyone that you share the 6-digit encryption key with. After 24-hours it will be removed off of our servers. Sounds great, right? Get your download on! 

As always, try out our API to harness the power of Send Anywhere within your own application.