Promotions and Giveaways-Send Anywhere UC #6

Send Anywhere as Promotional Tool

One of the more interesting aspects of Send Anywhere is the 24-hour upload feature. With this feature, the end-user has the ability to upload any number of files for 24-hours. Within this time period, anyone that is given the 6-digit encryption key will be able to download them. After 24-hours, all the files will be permanently removed from the Send Anywhere server. Now, who might benefit from this? In the sixth entry in the Send Anywhere Use Cases Series, we present Send Anywhere as a Promotional Tool!

24-Hour Giveaways

Promotions Dance

If you have an upcoming product release, music album, short film, ebook, etc. that you are looking to promote, Send Anywhere can help you with that. Allowing a portion of your product to be available for 24-hours is a great way to generate buzz before the official release and with Send Anywhere allowing any file type, of any size, all for free guarantees the easiest and most cost efficient means to promote your product. Start promoting today!

Don’t Forget About Beta Testing as Well!

Want an easy way to drum up support for your upcoming app while developing a solid core of Beta Testers to give you feedback on your application? With Send Anywhere, you can upload your APK file(s) for 24-hours as well. This will give you an audience for your Beta while limiting the amount who can get it based off of the 24-hour time constraint. Once you have these Beta Users, you can share future releases, promotional material, etc. with them thereby creating a target group. So, let’s go for it! Get your Beta Testing on 🙂

As always, try out our API to harness the power of Send Anywhere within your own application.