In the Field Research and Reporting- Send Anywhere UC #10

Field Notes, Voice Recordings, and Videos

In the field reporting can be quite exhilarating. You are in the element be it the countryside, city streets, or innumerous other places and are out studying something in person or are trying to break the next big story. Thanks to technology, all you need is your phone to record your audio notes and take photos or videos of anything that may occur. However, you want to transfer this information either to your personal computer or to your office ASAP so that the story can get published immediately….but what is the best way to do this?

News Reporting

One Device to Store Them All, One Device to Send Them All

So you have been out in the field all day and have some excellent information that you want to send to your boss immediately but there is no real easy way to do this. You’ve got two videos for the exposé that you’ve been working on, images galore, two hours of audio notes, and some typed-out notes as well because you were tired of talking to yourself. These files are too large to attach to one email or via various file sharing applications and they’re too diverse in file type to send via other means.

Luckily for you, you downloaded Send Anywhere and can quickly upload these files for 24-hours if you want them downloaded across multiple devices or send them directly to your boss if you just want a direct 1:1 transfer. You can send these files in one batch and at lightening fast speeds!  So, get your research on, start using Send Anywhere today!

As always, try out our API to harness the power of Send Anywhere within your own application.