Everyday Data, All Devices-Send Anywhere UC #2

Instantly Send Everyday Data Between Your Devices

In our second installment of Send Anywhere UC, we look at one of our most popular uses amongst our customers—sending daily photos, audio files, and videos across all devices. This includes wanting to transfer 50 photos from a skiing trip that are on an iPhone to a Windows PC or sending over 5 videos and 15 songs from an Android device to an iPad. What makes Send Anywhere different in this regard is the speed at which we accomplish this, our cross-platform and file agnostic capabilities, and the fact that we are 100% free and unlimited.

No Cloud Storage, No Gimmicks, No Problems

In sharing various files between devices, people want the transfer to be as quick and pain free as possible. The less steps there are arrow-alt-right the faster they receive their files arrow-alt-right the happier everyone is.

As mentioned in our previous UC on old device to new device transfers, one of the things that Send Anywhere does not do is force the end-user to signup or login to the application before using it. Additionally, it does not require the additional step of shooting the files into the Cloud before making them available for download. Instead, it ops to send the files directly between devices which significantly speeds up the entire process.

With Send Anywhere, all that is needed is for the application to be installed on both devices. After that, just select all (and by “all” we mean all, there are no limitations in Send Anywhere land) the files that you wish to transfer between devices, click Send, and then you can either push these files to the other device via a “Push Notification” or share the 6-digit encryption key with the other device and, bam, you’re done. Simple as that.

Surprised at how easy it is to send everyday data

Cross Platform + File Agnostic = All Devices, All File Types Welcome

Another reason why Send Anywhere is so helpful in quickly transferring your files between devices is that it works across every platform as well as every file type so you will never have to switch between applications when you want to send a video versus an APK file, you can now send all of them in one batch. The ability to perform all of these actions within a single device makes it much simpler and easier to share whatever you want between your devices.

Free AND Unlimited? What’s the Catch?

There is no catch. Send Anywhere is a 100% free application that allows you to send an unlimited number of files, as many times as you want. Unlike other companies in our field, we promise to never charge you for use of our application. Download TODAY!

As always, try out our API to harness the power of Send Anywhere within your own application.