Entertainment for Travel-Send Anywhere UC #3

Long Trip Ahead? Transfer All Your Entertainment with Send Anywhere

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Welcome to the third installment in the Send Anywhere UC! Today we are going to look at utilizing Send Anywhere to transfer your movies and music between devices before you travel so you can enjoy the shows on your PC and music on your iPhone all on your tablet while you fly across the country/the globe/wherever that paper airplane lands!

Movies? Check. TV Shows? Check. Freshest Tunes? Check.

Imagine this. Your flight leaves in a few hours and your in-flight entertainment is scattered all over your house. Your music is stored on your iPhone but the two newest movie releases you purchased are currently on your PC and you want to have everything on your travel-friendly tablet. All hope appears to be lost. There seems no simplistic way to transfer these various types of data (of varying sizes) across completely different devices.

No need to fear, Send Anywhere can assuage this issue. Send Anywhere’s ability to be cross-platform means that it can download across all three devices. Furthermore, because the transfer will occur on your home WiFi network, Send Anywhere can transfer the files peer-to-peer (P2P) guaranteeing the quickest transfer regardless of file size which is very important given your current time constraint. Also, you can send as many files as you want all for free so you can, not only, send those two new movies you are just dying to watch but can also transfer those four music albums you purchased…all within the same file batch!

…But I Don’t Like Movies, TV Shows, or  Music. I Only Enjoying Reading.

Well, I’m glad to see my 9th Grade English Teacher visits this blog. Hi, Ms. Smith! This is also not a problem. With the application, you can also seamlessly transfer ebooks, word documents, pdfs, etc. Any type of word format that you can dream up, we can transfer it.

The next time you’re traveling, don’t forget Send Anywhere! Download Today!

As always, try out our API to harness the power of Send Anywhere within your own application.