API Party Time-Send Anywhere UC #4

Send Anywhere API: Our Power, Your Control

In this entry in the Send Anywhere UC world, we are going to talk about the recently released Send Anywhere API (which you can download here now!). It is a powerful new offering of ours which will help you complete everyday tasks and help your application or website expand substantially.

API Power

When to Use It? How to Use It?

Instead of coming up with ways to use our API, we are going to let our customers talk instead. Listed below are ways it is currently being used:

  1. On a lawyer/client platform to provide a more efficient way to send documents to lawyers
  2. Easy way to integrate sharing content within a mobile application
  3. Boost usability of a personal website
  4. Send files to clients via an application without contacting/storing anything on the application’s server
  5. Transferring of bus ticketing information
  6. Securely exchanging large binary files
  7. Developing a mobile app amongst a team
  8. Members of a police department who want a quick and easy way to transfer work from the squad car to the station
  9. Website that sells products for offices and schools while also providing printing and copying. API provides customer with a copy of the task and/or proof of completion
  10. Transfer APK files to other Android devices
  11. Musician sending music files out for promotional purposes
  12. Organizer of an association that wants to send various files, photographs, etc. to his/her members
  13. Transferring large photo files from the web to other devices.

As for how to use our API. Just visit our API website here and follow the instructions.