5 Ways Send Anywhere Can Improve Your Weekend

The Weekend is Here!

Congrats everyone, you’ve made it! The weekend is finally here. The Send Anywhere team will be doing a variety of things ranging from taking care of a newborn infant (born yesterday!) to exploring all the bars that Seoul has to offer. This has us thinking about how you can leverage Send Anywhere to live your weekend to the fullest. So, here it is, five ways in which Send Anywhere can improve your weekend.


Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Weekend with Send Anywhere

  1. Share photos and videos from a birthday celebration with everyone who attended, simultaneously, with Send Anywhere’s 24-hour upload feature.
  2. Get the awesome party mix your friend played at his house party directly onto your phone without having to locate each song individually.
  3. Share all the information about your SOs upcoming surprise party (documents, photos, videos) with everyone.
  4. Instantaneously share the photos from your vacation with your friends and family without having to wait until you get home to upload them.
  5. It’s a great pickup line at a bar. “Hey, have you seen this amazing file sharing app?” Our Head of Biz Dev tries it all the time and swears it works.

So, go and have a safe and fun weekend and don’t forget to use Send Anywhere! We will see you on Monday 🙂

As always, try out our API to harness the power of Send Anywhere within your own application.