Our Origins: The Case for Send Anywhere

As 2015 winds down and we spend time reflecting on the year, we thought it would be a good time to share how we view Send Anywhere and the void that we are trying to fill. After reading this, don’t forget to let us know what you think by Tweeting us @Send_Anywhere.

Changing Face of File Sharing

Gone are the days of merely wanting to send documents via computers or pictures via smartphones. People now wish to send a litany of file types (Photoshop, APKs, SDKs, PDFs, etc.) across all of their devices regardless of platform (iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, etc.).

In doing so, this poses a few problems for current file sharing applications. First off, you need to have cross-platform functionality despite many file sharing services limiting compatibility to one or two platforms. Furthermore, not only do they have to support the growth in file formats used but this brings with it exponential growth in the size of file batches which is troublesome as many file sharing services limit batch size unless you pay and even then they can throttle you.

What Is Out There

Origins USB   Origins Email   Origins Messenger   Origins Cloud

Given these constraints, people may turn to turn to a more traditional approach such as USB/Email or a more contemporary one such as messaging services/the Cloud. A quick look at each of these will illuminate their problems. USBs, as shown by many of our blog posts (Example #1, Example #2, Example #3) have issues in that they have limited storage space, do not work across smartphones, are easily corruptible, and easy to misplace.  Email, the usual choice, limits the size of attachments and requires logging on whenever access is needed. Given the restrictions of both of these, more and more people are turning to messenger apps and the Cloud for answers but, even then, things are proving difficult.

Messenger Apps, such as WhatsApp and Kakao, are great for sending small photo batches (1-5 photos) but prove slow and inefficient with multiple photos/videos and are extremely limited with additional file formats. So while it may be a great choice for sending a photo or two to your friend, wanting to share multiple files strains the system. As for the Cloud, we noticed a few issues here. First off, in order to use a Cloud service, regardless if you dowloaded an application or via Web browser, you have to logon. If you are trying to send files back-and-forth in quick succession, having to login and logout over and over again can prove bothersome. Additionally, if you want the quickest speed for the transfer, having to upload something before downloading it is not ideal.

What We Offer

Old Origins

Old Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere offers an easy, quick, and unlimited solution to your file sharing needs. Easily, we transfer any file type, across any platform, all without having to login or register. As for quick, given network conditions, we send the files via the most optimal path be it peer-to-peer or through a direct relay server thereby guaranteeing the transfer is as speedy and efficient as possible. Lastly, regarding unlimited, we accept any file size, as many times as you want, all for free….something that has plagued other companies in this field.

Inside App Origins

New Send Anywhere

Lastly, we understood that our customers would want something with a simplistic interface, that requires zero learning, while also having no unnecessary frills.

Combining all of this is how we developed (and continue to develop) Send Anywhere.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think about this by contacting us @Send_Anywhere.

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