Come See Our New Office!

Our Office: Right in the Heart of Seoul

Recently, we moved offices and wanted to share some photos from this momentous occasion with you. This was a huge move for us as it signaled a transition from our first home, Maru180 to whom we are grateful, into an office of our own. So, without further ado, here is the grand tour.

When you enter our office you’re greeted by our cartoonized CEO, Yoonshik Oh, as well as a bevy of photos taken during various company events that truly show how close this team is.

New Office Entrance

As you could see in the background of the photo above and what is highly detailed below is our new logo that appears as you step into the main part of our office. If you want to see us putting this logo together, visit our Facebook page here and watch the video. It just happens to match the coloring of the building when we moved in!

Send Anywhere New Office

Here is a glimpse of the interior of our office. We’ve got three main working spots in the center of the room while our Platform Team works their magic in the room on the far right of the photo. In the back of the room, behind the column, are various meeting rooms and a fully stocked kitchen and fridge.

If you are wondering why it looks like we work in a forest, that’s because it is Korean tradition to send friends flowers when they move into a new office or open a new restaurant. Needless to say, it looks like our friends are quite proud of us.

Send Anywhere New Office

Our first day in the office was quite hectic moving everything; however, we took time out to eat a massive, delicious lunch…

New Office, New Food

And also cook some delicious meat and have a miniature party at night…

New Office, BBQ

While taking in our new view 🙂

New Office, New Location


If you are ever in the area, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and come check out our office and talk. Just shoot us a Tweet @Send_Anywhere.