API Madness: Unleashing SA's Power

The Emergence of the Send Anywhere API

Very recently Send Anywhere released its API for public use (it can be found here). It consists of a Desktop SDK, iOS SDK, Android SDK, Web Functionality, and a Web Widget thereby guaranteeing that you will be able to plug in Send Anywhere regardless of your needs. In this blog post, we want to break down our vision with this API, potential use cases for us, as well as finish up giving you the opportunity to let us know your thoughts on it.

The Vision

The Send Anywhere API has been something that was a long time coming. We always wanted to expand our innovative file sharing offering to more people across various businesses and allow them to mold the power of Send Anywhere as they see fit. With this API, we allow the customer to do just that. They can take our interface and integrate within their product as they see fit.

So Who is Our API For?

Samsung Send Anywhere API

Well, it is for anyone; however, we have a few early use cases that are worth noting. Currently, it  can be installed across all Samsung Multi-Functional Printers. Using Send Anywhere in-tandem with these devices makes getting your files from your computer to the printer much simpler and also means you never have to install a printer on your computer ever again.

Another use case that we are starting to hear about more and more often is law firms/law services using it as means to transfer data between clients and lawyers while maintaining privacy. It allows the law firms to seamlessly plug the file sharing power of Send Anywhere directly into their existing workflows without upsetting any current processes.

Overall, this is for anyone who enjoys the transformative power of Send Anywhere and wants to leverage it alongside other application or processes.

Lawyer Send Anywhere API


How do you plan to use our API? What do you think would be some great use cases for it? Let us know by commenting below or sending us a tweet.