A New Beginning: The Next Chapter in Send Anywhere

A New Application for Changing Times

The face of file sharing is evolving. No longer are people merely sending pictures back and forth between friends on similar devices or from their smartphone to their computer. They now want to send a batch containing dozens of pictures, videos, docs, etc. to multiple friends and family across a variety of devices. Not only that but they want their file sharing application to be more robust with additional features that take their experience to the next level.

We at Estmob have noticed this and that’s why we are proud to announce the upcoming release of our newest version of Send Anywhere.

What to Expect



Well, firstly, you can expect the release of the Android version of our product to come out December 30th with the iPhone release scheduled sometime in February and everything else following that.

We don’t want to spoil the entire product for you so we’re just going to let you know about three brand new features in this release.

  1. Auto-Resume: You no longer have to worry about having to restart from the beginning if your file transfer crashes. Now you can restart exactly where you left off. This is great when sending very large files or when you have a weak wifi connection.
  2. Multi-Transfer: Want to send multiple transfers at once, regardless of receiving device? Our new Multi-Transfer feature allows you to start a new transfer even before your current one finishes.
  3. History Room: Track your entire conversation with other devices from the first file transfer with the History Room feature. This feature allows you to grab previously sent files as well as allowing you to never forget a transfer.

Oh did we mention we have a new logo as well? You can check him out on our teaser page which is located here.

Speaking of our Teaser Page

You should really check it out for more information about this upcoming release as well as information about how to win great prizes. As stated above, here is the link you need to visit now.

Onwards and upwards!