Case Study: Suut Fag, Always On The Go

Background Information

So Busy Normal File Sharing Apps Couldn’t Keep Up

Needs: Cross-platform application, quick file transfer, handle all file types
Pain Points: Added unnecessary frills of other applications, slow transfer speed of the Cloud, untrustworthy USBs


On The Go

The Problem

Suut lives a very busy life in which he shares audio files, images, contacts, as well as texts everyday and needs an app that can provide support for this. Before discovering Send Anywhere, he was stuck using other file sharing applications that left him with poor transfer speeds and unnecessary features (such as virus scanners) while leaving out things he wanted such as in-app push notifications. An added pain is that none of these applications would support all of his devices which further complicated the entire process. Things got so bad he gave up on file sharing in lieu of USBs.

USBs, mentioned in this post, provide their own bevy of issues including limited storage space and ease of sharing. As for Suut, he ran into security issues with corrupted USBs so he went in search of something that would provide stronger security while also providing a more seamless data transfer. For this, he turned to the Cloud. However, he quickly became tired of having to wait for his files to be uploaded to the Cloud just so he could download them on his other devices.

The Solution

At this point, Suut was frustrated and losing hope for an alternative that could solve all of these problems. Luckily for him, he was an active reader of one of Vietnam’s most popular and trustworthy tech sites, Send Anywhere had been featured on the website before so Suut hoped that maybe it could solve his issues and, so far, it has yet to disappoint. As he told us:


 Finally I got rid of those boring & inconvenient ways…[of] transferring/sharing files. Send Anywhere…makes me feel faster, more comfortable, and happier.


  1. Can now send files seamlessly across all his devices
  2. Has an application that can handle every file type he throws at it–from photos to contacts
  3. Quick transfer speeds that use the most optimal network path


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