How-To #2: Connect Devices Without "My Devices" Feature

Removal of My Devices Feature and Next Steps

As you might have noticed (if you were using Send Anywhere from before the change), two months ago we decided to remove the “My Devices” feature where one was able to remotely manage all his/her devices logged-in with the same Send Anywhere account. After a long decision process whether to keep it or discard it we decided to remove such feature because it wasn’t delivering a user-friendly experience as we initially expected it to be. If you were an active user of that feature, our deepest apologies. The good news for all SndAny users is that we are coming up with exciting and very cool new features for the future updates so hopefully this will be appreciated.

The whole “My Devices” was not discarded. As before, you are still able to send from one of your devices to another directly without any hassle of inputting the 6-digit key or accepting the push-alert that the file wants to be sent if both the sending and receiving devices are logged-in with the same Send Anywhere account.

How it looks if my two devices (iPhone and PC) are not logged-in with the same account:

My Devices Example IMG_2963After selecting the files, the 6-digit key was generated. Instead of inputting the key in my receiving device I decided to send a push-alert to my PC by selecting my device (“Minchi-PC”) from the ‘Recent” list.


This is the push-alert I got in my desktop app in my Windows 8 PC. Since my iPhone and PC are not logged-in with my Send Anywhere account I need to press the ‘Accept’ button to start the file transfer.
236236Once the transfer was completed, I can see in my ‘History’ section of the desktop app that the sender of the files was my iPhone.

Now let’s look what is the difference when I log-in with the same Send Anywhere account in both of the devices.

How it looks when both of my devices are logged-in with the same account:

I have my desktop app of my MacBook Air and desktop app of my Windows 8 PC logged-in with the same account. Here is how it looks when I sent the files from my MacBook Air to my PC:

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 5.50.21 PMThe devices showing the ‘Nearby’ and ‘Recent’ list with the “MY” blue icon are the devices that are logged in with my Send Anywhere account. Once I clicked my PC from the list, the transfer started right away without any push-alert to accept from the desktop app of my windows 8 PC.

111111111This is how it showed from the ‘History’ of the receiving device. As a general tip, I recommend using this feature when you need to move all your photos from your smartphone to your PC to clear-up some storage in your phone. Just as reminder, signing-up and logging-in are optional- we just wanted to let you the know the perks if you do so.

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