How-To #1:The 24 hour sharing option

Introduction: The 24 hour sharing option

Recently we’ve received a lot of questions similar to these in the past few months:

“What happens if I am on the other side of the world to my receiver and my recipient can’t input the 6-digit key within 10 minutes?”

“If I am trying to send the same files to 5 different recipients, do I have to generate 5 different keys?”

The answers of these questions lead to the “24 hour sharing” option of Send Anywhere. Due to the many changes after consecutive updates in the mobile and desktop app, I think many of users are getting confused how to exactly use 24 hours sharing feature in Send Anywhere. Thus, in this blog post I will be guiding you through step-by-step how things are done! I bet by the end of this blog post you are going to realize that file transferring with Send Anywhere is easy as A-B-C.

In this tutorial I am going to send an entire folder worth 90.8 MB which is 53 files in total. (2 Word Documents, 19 photos in .png form, and 32 music files) This folder is in my MacBook Air, so I will be using the desktop app to send the folder to 4 different recipients.

Recipient #1: Windows PC with the desktop app not installed so will be using the widget from the website (

Recipient #2: Android phone (Galaxy S4)

Recipient #3: Iphone 6 (iOS)

Recipient #4: iPad mini (iOS)

Step 1

I Opened the Desktop PC version from MacBook Air and selected the folder of 53 files that I wanted to share with my recipients. (Dragged & dropped the folder in the left blank corner of the app.

24 Sharing Example

Instead of clicking on the “Share Directly” button underneath, I clicked on the “Share for 24hrs” button. Unlike the 6-digit key that lasts for 10 minutes when sending files real-time, the 6-digit key for the “Share for 24hrs” is a mix of alphabet and numbers that lasts for “24 hours”.

Step 2

Sharing Example 2

The key that was generated for my files was “B2FGKC” and since the key lasts for 24 hours, it states that the key will expire tomorrow (July 2) at 12:33 pm. Now, at this point you are able to share the key through couple of different options.

Option #1: Once the key is generated, you can click on “Device to Send” button and a list of “Recent” and “Nearby” devices will appear. (If this is the first time using Send Anywhere you will not have any devices under the “Recent” list)

The ‘Recent’ devices appears first, and then the ‘Nearby’ devices.

Sharing Option 3  Sharing Option 4

If you click on any device from this list, a push message will be sent to that device saying that you are wanting to send (a) file(s) to him/her. Once they accept the file transmission, the transferring will start. (However, if both the sending and receiving devices are logged-in with the same account, the receiver doesn’t have to go through the hassle of accepting the push alert because the file transfer will start right away…Confused? Don’t worry! The second edition of the “How-To” series will be about this topic)

Option #2: 

If you click once on the generated key, the key will be copied to the clipboard. I always do this because I often let my friends know the key through social media texting apps such a Kakaotalk and for people like me who are bad at memorising numbers, this is convenient.

Sharing Option 5

Step 3

The last step of this process is receiving the files. In order to explain through each compatible platform I will be showing you how it looks when receiving the files from the different platforms.

iPhone- iOS platform 


Once you get the 6-digit key from your sender, input the key on the white box where it says ‘Input Key’ underneath the lines saying “Receiving files with a 6-digit key?’ Once you enter the 6 digits, the transfer will start right away. In my case, it took me less than a minute to transfer all 53 files from my MacBook air to my iPhone. Once the transfer is complete, (as shown in the last picture) it will say ‘Success’.

Galaxy S4- Android platform 

Screenshot_2015-07-01-12-57-26 Screenshot_2015-07-01-14-34-16

The procedure (and the looks of the app) is identical to that of iPhone (iOS).

iPad Mini- iOS 

IMG_0812 IMG_0813 IMG_0826 IMG_0841

Again, same procedure. And once the transfer is completed the ‘Success’ message will show up.

PC- Website widget 

name 1  name 3 name 2name 4

In the situations where you need to send or receive files from a PC but that PC does not have the desktop app you will assume that you will not be able to use Send anywhere…but that’s actually not true! You can use the widget in our website to send and receive files- as I did in my case with the public computer in our office near the printer.

You simply have to go to and you will see (as shown in the picture 1) the widget on the right side of the website. The widget works in a similar way as the other PC extensions. To send, you simply have to select the files or drag&drop and send. To receive you simply need to type in the 6-digit key and once you click on the button “Receive” the file transfer will start right away.

(As you see in the image, the name of the PC is shown as ‘Leo Minor’. Some ask us why their PC is named ‘Gemini’ ‘Caelum’ and etc… Don’t worry this is not the name of your PC, it is just randomly assigned labels that are randomly generated from our server)


Remember that the key expires within 24 hours so once the time mark has passed the files will not be downloadable. Transferring from one device to multiple devices could not get simpler than this. If you wish to download the desktop extension click on this URL and you will be directed to our website 

If you have any inquiries don’t hesitate in sending us an email to and remember to like us in facebook! ( The Simplest way to Send files Anywhere!