Send Anywhere's Top 5 Highlights of 2015

I can’t belive we are already halfway through 2015…time flies in a blink of an eye! My apologies for the very cliche opening of this blog post but that is our genuine thoughts of how fast time is passing by since the advent of Send Anywhere. We are really proud of what we have accomplished for the past couple of months and, more than anything, extremely grateful to have all of you supporting us in this exciting adventure of creating the simplest file transferring service out there. We thought we would take a rest from all the summer craze going on to share with you some of our highlights from the past 6 months.


Send Anywhere music player running in the iOS app version 

Music Player Highlights

In the first week of March we finally released the music player running in the iOS app. The demand for a music player was huge since iOS limits all music files received from an exterior source to be played in the native music player of the iPhone. In terms of design we tried to make it very similar to the iOS native music player to provide a similar and convenient UX/UI to all the iOS users out there. You can now receive music files from your old Android phone, for instance, and enjoy all your life-time playlists with the Send Anywhere music player in your iPhone.

Better design 

Design Highlights

With the hard work of our UI/UX designer, we have made huge improvements to all the platforms of Send Anywhere. Starting from the renewal project of the website ( we made the widget of Send Anywhere to be easily used. Both the Android and iOS apps underwent tons of grooming sessions as the send button is no longer a mere button with the words written “SEND” but rather a cute orange airplane that is symbolic to the instantaneous feature of Send Anywhere.

Language localization 

We were awestruck by the overwhelming but yet very grateful demand for app localization in more than 20 languages. Thus, with the help of our translation community volunteers and some professional translators, Send Anywhere is now translated in the following languages: Spanish, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Italian, German, Chinese traditional, Chinese simplified, Arabic, Dutch, Russian and many more! (English, Japanese and Korean were the 3 languages that we have been supporting from the beginning)

Platform expansion

Desktop Highlights

As more and more active users were connecting all their devices to Send Anywhere we decided to launch the desktop PC version of our software so users can have Send Anywhere Everywhere! Unlike other apps where one has to follow the burdensome procedure of accessing the internet, logging-in, selecting the files, and sending, we wanted to help our users to significantly reduce the time spent when sending all types of files (and of any size) in a matter of clicks. The desktop app of Send Anywhere was newly optimized as a new feature where one can see the ‘History’ of all the sent and received files was added to the list of awesome features. This feature also allows small previews of the files to make it easier to scheme through while searching for a specific file.

Launch of API

Last but not least, we are excited to finally say that…(drums beating to create exciting ambiance) Send Anywhere’s API is finally out! To get many developers interested in using the API, we also launched an online hackathon called “The Blue Airplane Hack” through ChallengePost last week (June 15). While most hackathons take place over a day or even a weekend, Send Anywhere’s virtual event opened in June 19 and will go on for 2 months (ending on August 15). From solutions merging printing solutions to unlimited digital content sharing in messaging apps, we can’t contain the excitement to see the varied uses of our API. Certainly, third-party app developers are a good target for our online hackathon, but we think that with our unique features the API could be used in all kinds of other uses such as, but not limited to, education, video and music players and productivity apps.

Please check the hackathon by clicking on the following URL: