Commuting in the Subway: Tablet in One Hand

Leveraging The Power of Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere Tablet

It’s mid-April…a period of time when everyone is crazed about cherry blossoms. Don’t get me wrong, I am also a big fan of this romantic season but what prevents me from enjoying the beautiful Spring weather are the upcoming mid-terms. I sometimes wished that the academic curriculum here in Korea was like those from the UK, where students have to go through examination period only once on their last semester of the year. How sweet that sounds? But, oh well, reality hits me and back to studying mode.

Cherry Blossom

I consider myself a pretty organized person. The desktop of my MacBook is full of tidy folders labeled and color-coded. The folders are arrayed from the upper left corner starting from “Period 1: Portuguese and Brazilian Culture” to “Period 8: Introduction to Ancient Greece”. While my friends rely on the good old way of scribbling down all their study notes in an actual notebook, I am more a going-over-online-lecture-notes kind of person. But I do admit the danger behind this online-prone lifestyle. Imagine what will happen if one day ‘JG’ (Yup, that is the name of my precious MacBook) decides to malfunction…then I will be ( excuse me for my non-erudite language) screwed. Just by thinking about it seems to be pushing the ‘panic’ button in my nerve system.

But, one day, I finally decided to find an alternative to this whole alarming situation of having all my valuable study materials in one single device. As I learned in my Finance class, I decided to distribute the eggs to multiple baskets (Yey! I did learn something about portfolio management). Right at that moment, I saw my Android tablet on the upper shelf of my desk desperately waiting to be used since last Winter.

You might be wondering: “Shame her tablet is not an iPad because then she could have used Airdrop and her files would have been instantly transferred from her MacBook to her iPad”. Yeah, unfortunately that is option is crossed out given my situation. However, the good news is that I have the desktop version of Send Anywhere installed in ‘JG’ and the android app version installed in the tablet. I selected all the 8 folders by clicking on “Add folder” from my desktop version and then selected “MinChi’s Galaxy Tablet” from the “Device to Send” list. Since I have both of my devices logged-in with my Send Anywhere account, the transfer of all 56 documents (.doc, .ppt, .pdf, .xlsx) started right away with no further due. I expected the transfer to be done in less than 2 minutes so meanwhile I tuned in to my Soundcloud playlist and listened to Primary’s new track. Within the 3-minute mark of the song, I had all my study materials transferred to my tablet ready to be viewed.

I usually spend my time commuting in the subway just listening to music or staring at the TV screens that show repetitive an outdates commercials. But today, on my way to school, I had all eyes on my tablet scheming through the  “Irregular verb conjugations” ppt file from my Portuguese course. I wonder why it took me such a long time to realize that having all my files in my tablet could have been this convenient.