Send Anywhere 2: Revamped Windows Application

Send Anywhere Windows

Send Anywhere Windows Release

If you’ve visited the Windows App Store recently, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve updated our Windows application which can be downloaded here.

This new release extends compatibility to Surface Pro 3 (or earlier) users as well as Windows 8 Desktop users. To give a better understanding of the offerings of this release, we’ve included an inside look into the UI below.

First, we have the “Send” screen which offers a very simplistic and easy to use interface in which you can select the files that you wish to send. You have the option to send these directly in-between users or upload it for 24 hours. On top of that, Send Anywhere offers the ability to upload entire folders on top of any file type imaginable.

Send Anywhere Windows

After your files are sent, the application takes you to the “Send Result” screen which includes information about the files sent as well as individual thumbnails of each.

Send Anywhere Windows

With the “Receive” screen we’ve stuck to the basics and listed the file size and percent downloaded for each separate file that is being transferred.

Send Anywhere Windows

So, we hope you enjoy this product as much as we did in creating it. Once again it can be downloaded here.

Onwards and upwards,
Send Anywhere Team

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