Send Anywhere 2: iOS Release

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Send Anywhere 2 for iOS

Today brings with it the third installment in the Send Anywhere 2 release—our revamped iOS update which can be downloaded here. Apart from the new super sleek design, the application also boasts a variety of new features that will simplify the end user’s experience.

Send Anywhere iOS Send Anywhere iOS Send Anywhere iOS

My Documents and History

One of these new additions is a dualistic approach to file management. The My Documents feature provides seamless file management for all previously received data. This allows the end user to avoid wasting time searching for items received months ago.

The History functionality takes file management a step further. Not only does it allow the end user to view all the files that they’ve received but they can also locate sent as well as uploaded files. Furthermore, this feature comes with the ability to resend as well as delete any file within the application.


With this release we also included something for our security conscious customers providing more complex encryption codes which are available by swiping upwards during the file transfer process as shown below.

Send Anywhere iOS

Clipboard and Sharing

Lastly, in addition to being able to connect with recently used as well as nearby devices, the newest update comes with a clipboard as well as sharing feature to simplify connecting two devices. By holding the middle of the send screen, the 6 digit code will be automatically copied and be ready for disbursement. On the same screen, clicking the “share” button prompts a window which allows you to share your 6 digit code across various email/messaging clients.

Send Anywhere iOS Send Anywhere iOS

That’s an overview of our newest iOS update. You can download it here. We hope you have as much fun using it as we did it developing it.  

– Send Anywhere Team

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