"Korean File Sharing app Send Anywhere Nabs $1M in Funding from Rakuten"

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Tech in Asia‘s Josh Horwitz (@horwitzjosh) covered Send Anywhere’s recent $1 million seed funding round lead by Sae Min Ahn of Rakuten Ventures.

As talked about by ESTmob’s co-founder Suhyuk Kang, this funding will go towards global user base expansion as well as boost the features provided by the application.

Sae Min Ahn discusses what he sees in Send Anywhere in the article:

The team is amazing. To me, they understood critical utility in the emotional and economic sense. We take the act of sending files for granted, but if you look into the overall process, the current available options present surprising amounts of barriers that don’t actually need to be there – such as log-ins, messaging app compatibility, or limiting file size.

The seed funding round brought with it “current Googlers Andrew McGlinchey and Andy Warner (joining as) angel investors and future advisors.”

Thanks for the article, Josh!