"Send Anywhere Transfers Files Quickly and Securely Across Devices"


Lifehacker‘s Mihir Patkar (@mihirpatkar) recently published an article about all the benefits provided by Send Anywhere.

The article starts with Mr. Patkar discussing what he sees as the major selling point of Send Anywhere being its p2p file transferring process:

The big sell of Send Anywhere is that it uses p2p to transfer your files, without saving them on any server along the way. So once the transfer is done, the file isn’t going to be sitting on the cloud, waiting to be discovered by someone else.

Mr. Patkar goes onto discuss Send Anywhere’s upload capabilities:

If security isn’t what you want, you can also upload files to a server and share them with multiple people. The cool part is that you can add a deadline after which that file is auto-deleted from the server.

He ends with a list of the powerful capabilities of Send Anywhere :

On Android, you can share several different types of files like photos, music, videos, files, APKs, contacts and more, but the options are limited to photos, videos and contacts on iOS. On PC, anything goes. Send Anywhere claims not to have a file limit and so we tested it with a 1.5GB file—the transfer was smooth, no issues.

Thanks for the article, Mihir!