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Back in May, Tech in Asia‘s Josh Horwitz (@horwitzjosh) wrote an excellent article about Send Anywhere. Below we have placed some of the exerts from the article with the full article being available here.

The article does an excellent job when covering the issues that Send Anywhere is addressing:

Now that file-sharing has become so widespread, storage services are prone to clutter and bloat – who likes sifting through 500 vacation photos just to find that one family reunion snapshot from five years ago? Swooping in to address these concerns is the team behind Send Anywhere, a file-sharing app that lets users send and receive files while bypassing the hurdles imposed by the cloud. Think of it as “Dropbox meets Snapchat,” with some libertarian supervision.

One of the most unique features about Send Anywhere is its ease of use ranging from the lack of registration to simplicity when  sending and receiving files:

Perhaps the most startling feature of Send Anywhere is that it requires no login or registration, which ought to make privacy advocates beam with admiration. Sending files is a cinch. After pressing the ‘send’ tab on the app’s front page, users can select which photos or video files they wish to send over. After that, the app will generate a six-digit code and a QR code that a receiver can either input or scan. Since the files are transferred over peer-to-peer network connections like wi-fi and cellular networks, none of the data touches Send Anywhere’s servers whatsoever.

The article also touches on Send Anywhere’s security offerings:

Privacy nerds will have good reason to flock to it…by evading the cloud and adding a touch of security, ESTMob has nevertheless created a valuable service.

Thanks for the article, Josh!