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Let’s Catch Up!

Some Updates from Send Anywhere If you have not being paying attention as of late you may not have noticed some of the newest additions to the Send Anywhere family alongside some great updates. No worries, we are going to run… Continue Reading →

Coming Soon: Send Anywhere 3.0 for iOS

No Need to Fear, iOS Users, Send Anywhere 3.0 is Almost Here! Coming February 2016! Auto-Resume……Parallel Transfer…….History Room…….and more! As always, try out our API to harness the power of Send Anywhere within your own application.

How-To #2: Connect Devices Without “My Devices” Feature

Removal of My Devices Feature and Next Steps As you might have noticed (if you were using Send Anywhere from before the change), two months ago we decided to remove the “My Devices” feature where one was able to remotely… Continue Reading →

How-To #1:The 24 hour sharing option

Introduction: The 24 hour sharing option Recently we’ve received a lot of questions similar to these in the past few months: “What happens if I am on the other side of the world to my receiver and my recipient can’t… Continue Reading →

Send Anywhere 2: iOS Release

Send Anywhere 2 for iOS Today brings with it the third installment in the Send Anywhere 2 release—our revamped iOS update which can be downloaded here. Apart from the new super sleek design, the application also boasts a variety of… Continue Reading →

“Send Anywhere Transfers Files Quickly and Securely Across Devices”

Lifehacker‘s Mihir Patkar (@mihirpatkar) recently published an article about all the benefits provided by Send Anywhere. The article starts with Mr. Patkar discussing what he sees as the major selling point of Send Anywhere being its p2p file transferring process:… Continue Reading →

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