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Entertainment for Travel-Send Anywhere UC #3

Long Trip Ahead? Transfer All Your Entertainment with Send Anywhere Welcome to the third installment in the Send Anywhere UC! Today we are going to look at utilizing Send Anywhere to transfer your movies and music between devices before you… Continue Reading →

API Madness: Unleashing SA’s Power

The Emergence of the Send Anywhere API Very recently Send Anywhere released its API for public use (it can be found here). It consists of a Desktop SDK, iOS SDK, Android SDK, Web Functionality, and a Web Widget thereby guaranteeing that you… Continue Reading →

Case Study: Suut Fag, Always On The Go

Background Information So Busy Normal File Sharing Apps Couldn’t Keep Up Needs: Cross-platform application, quick file transfer, handle all file types Pain Points: Added unnecessary frills of other applications, slow transfer speed of the Cloud, untrustworthy USBs   The Problem Suut lives… Continue Reading →

Send Anywhere for WordPress

Send Anywhere Expands to WordPress We enjoy using the WordPress platform so much that our engineers developed a plug-in specifically for WordPress! Introducing Send Anywhere Version 1.0.0! Features Instantly Send Files: Send Anywhere works by creating a temporarily-generated six digit… Continue Reading →

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