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Sharing Android Apps-Send Anywhere UC #5

Easily Share the Newest Android Game with Everyone! So far in our Send Anywhere UC Series we have discussed a variety of topics ranging from  old device to new device transfer, everyday transfers, entertainment for travel, and a little API… Continue Reading →

API Party Time-Send Anywhere UC #4

Send Anywhere API: Our Power, Your Control In this entry in the Send Anywhere UC world, we are going to talk about the recently released Send Anywhere API (which you can download here now!). It is a powerful new offering of ours… Continue Reading →

Entertainment for Travel-Send Anywhere UC #3

Long Trip Ahead? Transfer All Your Entertainment with Send Anywhere Welcome to the third installment in the Send Anywhere UC! Today we are going to look at utilizing Send Anywhere to transfer your movies and music between devices before you… Continue Reading →

Everyday Data, All Devices-Send Anywhere UC #2

Instantly Send Everyday Data Between Your Devices In our second installment of Send Anywhere UC, we look at one of our most popular uses amongst our customers—sending daily photos, audio files, and videos across all devices. This includes wanting to… Continue Reading →

Old Device, New Device Transfer-Send Anywhere UC#1

Easily Migrate Data From Your Old to New Device This is the first entry in a new series that will be centered around Use Cases (UC) of Send Anywhere. In this entry, we’re going to discuss using Send Anywhere when transferring… Continue Reading →

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