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Professional Photo Editing Software – UC #15

Needs of Professional Photo Editing Software If you are serious about perfecting your photographs, be it for personal or business use, chances are you leverage a photo editing software such as Photoshop or Sketch. While these are excellent means to edit… Continue Reading →

Video Editing Apps – UC #14

The Growth (and Limitations) of Video Editing Apps We live in a world of ever-growing connectivity and with that comes the desire to share more aspects of our lives from Facebook posts to Instagram photos. Included in this is videos–from… Continue Reading →

File Management Apps– UC #13

File Management and File Sharing Meet Send Anywhere is the go-to-choice when it comes to file sharing across any device, with any file type, regardless of size. In a similar vein, if you want to seamlessly manage all the files… Continue Reading →

Stock Websites – Send Anywhere Use Case #12

Stock Websites: The One-Stop Design Shop Whether running a major company or your own personal boutique, stock websites such as Shutterstock and Fotolia are a crucial provider of the perfect photograph, video, or audio file to add a professional touch to… Continue Reading →

Workplace Messenger Apps – Send Anywhere Use Case #11

Send Anywhere + Workplace Messenger App = Perfection We’re back! On this cold (10 Degrees Fahrenheit) Tuesday in Seoul, we wanted to warm you up with a little use case about leveraging the Send Anywhere API for a company-wide messenger application…. Continue Reading →

In the Field Research and Reporting- Send Anywhere UC #10

Field Notes, Voice Recordings, and Videos In the field reporting can be quite exhilarating. You are in the element be it the countryside, city streets, or innumerous other places and are out studying something in person or are trying to… Continue Reading →

Sharing with Friends and Family-Send Anywhere UC #9

Quickly Send Group Photos to Friends and Family Have you ever taken a group photo with 5? 10? 15? people and then have to go through the arduous process of finding them all on Facebook (given you’re already friends and… Continue Reading →

Printing in a School Library-Send Anywhere UC #8

Annoyance 101: School Library and Printing Anyone who has gone through higher education in the past decade understands what a pain it can be to print from your school’s library. Most schools still have not updated their system such that… Continue Reading →

eCommerce Websites-Send Anywhere UC #7

Giving Out Additional Information? Downloadable Purchases? In our seventh installment of “Why Send Anywhere is the Best” aka the Send Anywhere Use Case Series, we decided to combine two great uses cases into one. The first one we are going… Continue Reading →

Promotions and Giveaways-Send Anywhere UC #6

Send Anywhere as Promotional Tool One of the more interesting aspects of Send Anywhere is the 24-hour upload feature. With this feature, the end-user has the ability to upload any number of files for 24-hours. Within this time period, anyone… Continue Reading →

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