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The easiest way to move your data into your new Galaxy S8!

A quick way to move data from a previous phone to your new Galaxy S8! Galaxy S8 finally has been released! Yay! I bet many have been waiting for the moment to come. Some people have already bought Galaxy S8 and… Continue Reading →

Case Study: Ben Silberstein—Part Time Reporter, Full Time Student

Overview: Send Anywhere and Higher Education Name: Benjamin Katzeff Silberstein Profession: PhD Student Needs: easily transfer files between personal and school devices Pain Points: having to login to multiple devices, files spattered across various devices The Background: So Many Files, No Room… Continue Reading →

From Police Stations to Construction Sites: Send Anywhere, Everywhere

Send Anywhere Works Everywhere Recently we have published two case studies that give an inside look into the multiple uses of Send Anywhere across the globe. Our first case study looked at Charles Mercks, a medical student who was struggling… Continue Reading →

Case Study: Suut Fag, Always On The Go

Background Information So Busy Normal File Sharing Apps Couldn’t Keep Up Needs: Cross-platform application, quick file transfer, handle all file types Pain Points: Added unnecessary frills of other applications, slow transfer speed of the Cloud, untrustworthy USBs   The Problem Suut lives… Continue Reading →

Case Study: Charles Mercks, Medical Student

Background Information: Charles Mercks, Medical Student Needs: Share class notes and X-rays in real-time with 100+ other medical students Pain Points: Using physical devices (USBs, DVDs), complexity of other offerings The Problem Meet Charles. Charles is a medical student with… Continue Reading →

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