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The Downfall of the Korean Startup

Below is a new blog series tackling the issues of the Korean startup industry. You can read the original article here. What Needs to be Fixed or it is Game Over for Korea Thus far, this blog has painted a… Continue Reading →

Our Top Five Favorite Customers!

Who Could Our Favorite Customers Be? After much thought and deliberation, we’ve created a list detailing our top five favorite type of customer! Did you make the list? Check out below to find out now! The Photo Addict We see… Continue Reading →

Unleashing Korea’s Startup Potential

Below is Part III in the blog series tackling the growth of the Korean startup industry. You can read the original article here. Importance of the Internet, Perseverance Through Monotony, and Concluding Thoughts This is the third and final installment… Continue Reading →

The Korean Startup Industry (Part 2)

A Look Inside What’s Happening in the Korean Startup Scene II A follow up on last week’s blog post about the emerging Korean startup scene. Read below 🙂 The Second Hallyu Wave (Part 2)  

15 Cases Where Send Anywhere Might Not Help You

Send Anywhere Solves Many Problems….but not all There are certain times in which it might not be best to use Send Anywhere. Here are a few. During a bear attack. It’s a bear, why are you trying to send files? Run!… Continue Reading →

The Benefits of a Hybrid Solution (What’s That?)

The Hybrid Offering Is Where It’s At! One of the strongest proof points regarding the power of the Send Anywhere solution is our lightening fast hybrid solution but just what does this mean exactly? How does it improve your file… Continue Reading →

The Korean Startup Industry (Part 1)

A Look Inside What’s Happening in the Korean Startup Scene Over the next few Mondays, we are going to take a break from our typical blog posts and mix it up a little. One of our employees has started writing… Continue Reading →

Just How Fast is Send Anywhere?

In Short, Send Anywhere is Very Fast and Very Simple! We ran speed tests across fourteen of our competitors and measured how long (i.e. how many clicks) it took to complete the file transfer and we discovered some interesting data… Continue Reading →

4 Year Celebration!

It’s a Celebration! 10 Crazy Facts about Send Anywhere’s Existence! That’s right, on this day four years ago, Send Anywhere came into creation. In honor of this, we’ve decided to give you ten fun facts about how long Send Anywhere… Continue Reading →

50 Ways to Use Send Anywhere

The Versatility Send Anywhere The title of this post says it all. Without further ado here are 50 ways to use Send Anywhere! Sending photos from your smartphone to your desktop Sending photos to all of your friends after your… Continue Reading →

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