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Website widget maximum file size expansion from 200 MB to 1 GB

Great news to end July (drum beating sound of excitement…) we finally decided to expand the maximum file size to 1 GB in our website widget! We greatly appreciate the patience of all the users who have been demanding this… Continue Reading →

Windows Desktop app release notes:

Release In the recent update of the windows desktop app, we’ve fixed several bugs and crashes. Notably, the crash occurring for file names was fixed with the new update.

How-To #2: Connect Devices Without “My Devices” Feature

Removal of My Devices Feature and Next Steps As you might have noticed (if you were using Send Anywhere from before the change), two months ago we decided to remove the “My Devices” feature where one was able to remotely… Continue Reading →

How-To #1:The 24 hour sharing option

Introduction: The 24 hour sharing option Recently we’ve received a lot of questions similar to these in the past few months: “What happens if I am on the other side of the world to my receiver and my recipient can’t… Continue Reading →

Our Extensions, In A Glance

Send Anywhere’s Extensions Functionality One of the gemstones of Send Anywhere is the ‘multi-platform’ feature. Besides the user-friendly, secure, and no sign-up/log-in required features, the cross-platform feature is one of the most attractive points of our software. This feature came… Continue Reading →

I can’t belive we are already halfway through 2015…time flies in a blink of an eye! My apologies for the very cliche opening of this blog post but that is our genuine thoughts of how fast time is passing by since… Continue Reading →

Commuting in the Subway: Tablet in One Hand

Leveraging The Power of Send Anywhere It’s mid-April…a period of time when everyone is crazed about cherry blossoms. Don’t get me wrong, I am also a big fan of this romantic season but what prevents me from enjoying the beautiful… Continue Reading →

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