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Send Anywhere 2: Windows Phone Release

  Introducing Send Anywhere 2 for Windows Phone Today brings with it the fourth installment in the Send Anywhere 2 release—our brand new Windows Phone application! Download it here! With this release, Send Anywhere will now be compatible with all… Continue Reading →

BBC Click Video Feature

Send Anywhere on BBC Click! On the night of Sunday August 24th, our CSO Suhyuk Kang was working (obviously) checking out our Google Analytics from the previous week and planning for the next week. In doing this he noticed something… Continue Reading →

“어디든 어떤 파일이든 파일 전송 끝! 애플·구글이 경쟁자”

“간편하고 자유로운 인스턴트 파일 전송, Send Anyhwere”

“Send Anywhere: Deel Bestanden Met Iedereen, Altijd En Overal”

About Us

What ESTmob Inc. is an early stage startup based out of Seoul, South Korea and the creators behind Send Anywhere. EST stands for Emotional Science and Technology with the mob being a shortened version of mobile. As for Send Anywhere,… Continue Reading →

Send Anywhere 2: Windows PC Release

Send Anywhere 2: Now for Windows PC Today, Send Anywhere is pleased to announce the second portion of the Send Anywhere 2 release—our brand new Windows PC offering. The PC application, which is a beta release, gives you full access… Continue Reading →

Playing the Long Game: The Creative Process Behind Send Anywhere 2

By Suhyuk Kang, ESTmob Co-Founder and CSO Over the next few weeks, Send Anywhere will be releasing Send Anywhere 2 for Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux. It is during these hectic times that I like to take a moment… Continue Reading →

Introducing Send Anywhere 2

Presenting Send Anywhere 2 Over the next few weeks, Send Anywhere will be releasing brand new features for our totally revamped product, Send Anywhere 2. Today, we are pleased to announce the first portion of this release—our newest Android update…. Continue Reading →

Lost Memories: Perils of Cloud Storage

So Much Stuff, So Little Space How often have you wanted to free up space on your phone/computer/tablet device by saving your photos and videos in the cloud? If you’re like me, you do this frequently—especially if you’re one to… Continue Reading →

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