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What Is Wi-Fi Direct?

Wi-Fi Direct, A Primer Wi-Fi Direct allows two devices to establish a direct wireless connection without using Wi-Fi or cellular data. The transfer speeds will rival that of a strong Wi-Fi connection while being much faster than Cloud-based applications as the files are… Continue Reading →

Introducing Send Anywhere 4.0

If you are reading this and have an Android device, then you should go here and download the newest version of Send Anywhere, Send Anywhere 4.0. Here is a list of what’s new with the product. Wi-Fi Direct Now, Send Anywhere… Continue Reading →

What is Korean Hyper-Consumerism?

The original article can be found here. What is Korean Hyper-Consumerism? The wonder drug for Korean startup growth, domestic hyper-consumerism, is pivotal in the development of the startup market and for this reason deserves a more in-depth analysis than the… Continue Reading →

Send Anywhere in InvoiceBerry Blog

Send Anywhere got a recent mention in the InvoiceBerry Blog which you can locate here.  Go ahead and read 🙂

4 Things Learned at Tech in Asia: Tokyo

Things have been pretty quiet on the blog front as of late as Send Anywhere traveled to Tokyo for Tech in Asia: Tokyo and followed that with a weeklong celebration of Chuseok (mid-Autumn festival). To ease back into the blogging… Continue Reading →

New Promotional Video!

The Hits Keep Coming

Below is the conclusion in the blog series tackling issues facing the Korean startup industry. You can read the original article here. More Pitfalls for Korea’s Startup Future and How To Fix Them In my last post, the groundwork was… Continue Reading →

Tech in Asia: Toyko, Here We Come!

That’s Right, Send Anywhere is Coming to Tokyo! Send Anywhere will be in Tokyo September 6-7 for Tech in Asia: Tokyo and we want to meet you! If you are coming, let us know by commenting below or emailing us… Continue Reading →

홍보와 이벤트 증정 – 사용 사례 #15

센드애니웨어, 홍보를 위한 도구  센드애니웨어의 흥미로운 기능 중 하나는 48시간 공유 기능입니다. 이 기능을 이용하여 파일을 업로드하면 48시간 동안 유효한 링크가 생성됩니다. 그리고 링크를 아무에게 공유하면 업로드한 파일을 공유할 수 있으며 48시간이 지나면 센드애니웨어의 서버에서 없어집니다. 누가 이 기능으로 효과를… Continue Reading →

오래된 기기에서 새로운 기기로 전송하기 – 사용 사례 #14

새로운 폰 또는 태블릿을 구입하셨나요? 센드애니웨어를 이용해보세요! 새로운 스마트폰을 구입할 때 항상 마주치는 문제 중 하나는 기존에 쓰던 폰 안에 있는 데이터 (사진, 비디오, 연락처 등) 를 어떻게 새로 구입한 스마트폰에 빠르고, 고통 없이 옮기느냐입니다. 데이터를 옮길 수 있는 서비스는… Continue Reading →

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